Few regions of the world are experiencing the growth in property developments at the pace and size as that occurring in the UAE, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

However, property transactions in the region present particular challenges for both local and foreign investors. Each emirate has its own land laws and this is further complicated by the existence of various "free zones", some of which also have individual land laws.

As a consequence, the location of a property in the UAE and the legal status of the vendor and purchaser are of particular importance. To add to the complexity, property law in the UAE is continually developing and changing as more sophisticated rules and regulations are proclaimed.

Our legal consultants at Lutfi& Co provide experienced advice on all aspects of real property related transactions, including sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial property, master planning and regulatory requirements for developments, shared facilities and common ownership agreements, joint developments and property joint ventures, facilities management, asset management agreements and strategies, plus all leasing, landlord and tenant matters.

The highly experienced team provides advice and services in relation to the following:

  • Planning and construction matters
  • Compliance with statutory regulations
  • Review of tenancies, car parking and other occupancy agreements
  • Service contracts and management agreements
  • Disputes and litigation relating to the property
  • Intellectual property, including access to architectural designs for developments
  • Insurance
  • Acquisitions and disposal
  • Drafting shared facilities agreements, development contracts, by-laws and management statements
  • Preparing and negotiating complex contracts for sale
  • Residential, commercial and industrial site acquisition, development and sale
  • Advising on appropriate corporate structures and risk mitigation
  • Due diligence for property acquisition and finance
  • Property joint venture, development agreements, profit sharing and project management agreements with both the private and public sector
  • Property litigation
  • Strata letting and jointly owned property