Dispute Resolution

Worldwide, alternative forms of dispute resolution have increased in popularity as the means for obtaining a definite settlement between two parties. Dispute resolution has also increased in popularity over the last few years in the UAE.

Traditionally, industries such as the construction industry have used arbitration as the preferred method of resolving disputes. However, in the UAE it is now recognized that adversarial methods of dispute resolution may not be the most cost effective. This is no doubt partly due to the multinational aspects of UAE society, bringing with it numerous cultural models for dispute resolution. These alternative forms of dispute resolution are a low cost alternative to the traditional court or arbitration proceedings.

Our team at Lutfi & Co is experienced in all major forms of dispute resolution, including structured negotiations, mediation, conciliation, expert determination and board of review proceedings. We can provide competent, cost effective advice on the preferred method of resolving particular disputes and also advocacy assistance during the dispute resolution process.